Chey Winter

Field Trip Opportunities

Come experience the horses of Shepard Meadows!

Field trips are available, offering a variety of activities tailored to the season and goals of each group.

When visiting the farm your group can meet the herd of seven horses that live on the 26 acres that make Shepard Meadows their home.

Shepard Meadows offers a unique Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Program in unmounted group sessions where participants can focus on enhancing mental well-being, teamwork, problem solving, social skills, and so much more! 

Participants work together doing fun activities with the horses to enhance the skills necessary for building healthy, mutual relationships.  These sessions can be a one-time group or run for multiple sessions consisting of pre-established groups such as school groups, mental health groups, social groups, sports teams, etc.

Plan your visit today!

Sally Schultz Blair

Operations Manager

860-314-0007 ext 10