Our Horses



The Shepard Meadows staff has human members and equine members. The human staff PARTNERS with the equine staff to meet our mission. This partnership means that our horses, our equine staff, deserve and are given the same levels of consideration and respect as are members of our human staff. Although we frequently speak about “the herd” this partnerships between our equine and human staff members guides all of our activities.

We have developed this partnership approach because we recognize that horses as a species are among the most intelligent and empathetic creatures on earth. Understanding this about horses enables humans to couple the disciplines of therapy and learning with the sport of horseback riding and horsemanship. This coupling empowers us to enrich the lives of persons with disabilities, offering them a chance to achieve success at Shepard Meadows and bringing joy to them, their families, caregivers and the volunteers who are vital partners with our equine and professional human staffs.

The members of our Equine Staff are Lola, Red, Frodo, Daphne, Moses, Summer.  Calvin is the senior member of the herd and our first equine staffer (Retired 2014).  We welcome Sjamur (“Janner”), Snotri (“Snowtri”), and Indy to the Herd we look forward to them joining our program.



Calvin, racing name “One Tune,” is a gray 16.1 hand registered Thoroughbred gelding. He had a short career as a racehorse as a youngster with impressive blood lines back several generations to War Admiral. Calvin has been with us since 2005, he is now enjoying retirement since 2014.



Daphne, “No Horsing Around” is a gray 14.3 hand registered Welsh Arab pony mare. Her previous experience as a hunter jumper show pony and lesson horse makes her a good match for the program. Daphne joined the herd at Shepard Meadows in 2011. She shares her pasture with her good friend Red.



Frodo, “Mr. Baggins” as a show pony, is a gray 14.1 hand registered Welsh pony gelding. He had a successful career as a hunter/jumper pony in Connecticut and New York. Frodo came to Shepard Meadows in 2009. A playful and sensitive pony, Frodo adds youthfulness and joy to the program.



Lola is a dark bay 15.3 hand registered Appendix Quarter horse mare. Lola spent much of her life in the show ring competing in dressage, hunter/jumper and combined training. Her gentle, steady nature made her an ideal candidate to join the program at Shepard Meadows in 2008.




Moses, “Mo”, is a 12 year old  16.1 hand Appaloosa/Draft cross. He is a 1500 lbs blue roan with a star and a stripe. He has loads of personality, an expressive face and tends to be low man on the totem pole in the herd.  He was well loved, pleasure ridden and trained using trust based natural horsemanship methods prior to his arrival at Shepard Meadows.




Red, “Red Sox Fever,” is a chestnut 16.1 hand registered Appendix Quarter Horse gelding. He formerly worked as an event and fox hunting mount as well as spending some time in the show ring. He is gentle, quiet and steady, all qualities that make him an ideal program horse. He joined the program at Shepard Meadows in 2011. His best buddy in the herd is Daphne.



Summer is a 7 year old Paint Draft Cross Mare. She is quiet, laid back and has very smooth gaits. Summer easily transitioned into therapeutic teaching at Shepard Meadows in spring of 2015. She enjoys trying new foods, spending time with her new friends and taking naps.



In Loving Memory (2016), Charmed, show name “Dance Step,” was a 15.1 hand registered red Appaloosa Quarter horse gelding. Charmed had a prestigious background as a hunter/jumper competitor with the Fairfield Hunt Club. He came to Shepard Meadows in 2010 and he will forever be remembered.