Sponsor a Horse

Would you like to Sponsor or Support A Shepard Meadows Animal?

Each of our animals needs someone who is particularly interested in them and in helping us meet their needs. Giving to our “animal volunteers” is a special way to express gratitude for the unique work that they do. The persons who decide to do this are either Sponsors or Supporters.

Our horses must be healthy and happy to do their jobs. The average annual cost to care for each horse in our herd is approximately $7,000.


SPONSORS are persons who want to establish a bonding relationship with one of our animals and also provide financial contributions.

  • SPONSORS provide financial contributions from $500 – $7,000 annually.
  • They are offered scheduled weekly or monthly visits with their sponsored animal, and will receive an update about their animal during the year.
  • Visits do not include riding.
  • A sponsor’s contributions provide for a wide range of an animal’s needs, including its care by the barn staff, special services (e.g., shoeing for a year) and equipment/supplies sized for that animal.


SUPPORTERS are persons who want to provide financial contributions but do not seek a bonding relationship.

  • SUPPORTERS may provide contributions in any amount.
  • Contributions of $500 or more by supporters provide for the same range of an animal’s needs as the contributions of sponsors.
  • Purchases made with the contributions of supporters providing less than $500 annually include but are not limited to the following:

Bag of Shavings – $2.50

Bag of Carrots/Veggies – $5

Bale of Hay – $6

Cat Food – $10

Grooming Tools and Supplies – $5-50

Buckets – $10-50

Month of Vitamins – $45

Dental Visit – $80

Annual Shots – $100

Chiropractic Visit – $125

Shoeing -$125

Equine “Clothing” – Fly Masks, Blankets, Rain Sheets – $15-200



Our horses Lola, Red, Frodo, Daphne, Moses, Summer, Calvin, Sjanur “janner”, snowtri, and Indie.

Our mini horses Mariah and Candy

Our donkey Dominic

Our goats Mabel and Molly

Our barn cats Chloe, Martha and Bowtie