“Coming to Shepard Meadows is the highlight of our week. Miracles happen here. I know. I’ve never seen my son so happy. Who would think that riding a horse could change your life?”

Father of a young boy with Autism

“When I ride my pony, I feel strong and free”.

Child with disabilities

“I volunteer to improve the quality of life for our riders…but the truth is Shepard Meadows benefits me too. There’s nothing more rewarding than to see a child’s face light up when they ride one of our wonderful horses and feel happy and successful.”

Center volunteer

“My daughter has never been able to play in team sports. Horseback riding is the only thing she can do and be good at. Plus she feels like her team mate is a pony. As a parent, it feels so good to see her happy with herself and her accomplishments. I’m so proud of everything she has accomplished. We couldn’t provide this for her by ourselves..”

Rider’s father