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Veterans Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching Program

Making a healthy transition to civilian life requires new knowledge and skills.  The primary focus of Shepard Meadows’ Veterans EFLC Program is on improving the quality of daily life of veterans by supporting the healing of trauma-related invisible wounds and increasing a sense of personal well-being.

Our program emphasizes the importance of connection, starting with connection to one’s own body, mind and human spirit.  The possibility of developing kind and respectful connections tends to begin in the safety of partnership with Horse and expands to relationships with self and others.

Horses’ natural instinct of present moment awareness, feeling safe and knowing who to trust makes them perfect partners for veterans in this program.

Shepard Meadows hosts veterans at our 26 acre farm to explore, observe and interact with horses.

Exploring Relationships with Horses and Humans

Horses are prey animals who always feel safest in a herd with other horses.

They are also flight animals which means that when a horse feels fear, their first line of defense is to run. Instinctively, they know when the danger has passed and are able to return to a state of calmness. In order to do this they have to develop the ability to trust each other and establish clear relationships.

Veterans have an opportunity to work closely with our horses and learn about how to move through anxiety to calm. These thousand pound teachers will walk you through obstacle courses, up and down hills and introduce you to your own inner landscape.

All participants work directly with horses either mounted or unmounted.

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