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Veterans Program Outline

Our Veterans Programs are provided at no cost to Veterans and their families. We provide both mounted and unmounted horsemanship programs for physical, emotional, social, recreational and educational gains.

Horses live in the moment; they don’t judge, and they are completely honest. As sentient beings, they know exactly how we are feeling, even if we lack awareness or complete understanding ourselves. They are natural, thoughtful and reflective teachers, who are willing, open-hearted, patient, instinctively nonjudgemental and responsive. They are honest communicators, living in the moment, and can provide wisdom and natural healing.

Sessions may be private or small group, depending on individual goals and horse/instructor availability. We welcome family participation where appropriate and helpful.

Programs are offered weekly, usually in either 4-week or 8-week sessions.

At this time, our horses are able to accomodate riders of up to 200 pounds.

“We believe that horses live in the moment; they don’t judge, and they are completely honest”