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Have you considered a legacy gift?  Legacy giving, sometimes generally referred to as “planned giving,” is a donation made by an individual through a will or other formal designation.

Legacy giving ensures donors will be remembered for their generosity and commitment to the mission of Shepard Meadows long after their passing. These gifts are typically prepared with a financial planner and are meant to reflect the values and desires of the donor. 

Legacy gifts have a major impact on the future of our organization as they provide for tomorrow in a significant and memorable way. Planned Giving can be especially important to donors who may lack the funds to make a major gift during their lives but can make the impact they want through a legacy gift.

Donations can come from various areas of your estate including savings, retirement assets, a life insurance policy or directed from a donor advised fund.


The information provided herein is offered for illustrative purposes only, and should not be considered investment, legal, financial, or other professional advice.

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