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She’s a 15.3 hand Appendix Bay, who also happens to be the mare in charge! Her show name was “Sunshine Glow” and boy does she! Born in 1989 she’s been on the team for over 10 years. Now-a-days she is enjoying a well-deserved retirement, but still wants to be part of the action so our volunteers love on her daily. She’s absolutely amazing, enjoying all aspects of life at Shepard Meadows.

Sponsored By: Christopher Pope, Pope Photography

Moses "Mo"

Moses is the man! A 16.2 hand Clydesdale /Appaloosa cross gelding, whose red roan coat, 4 white socks and stripe make him unmistakable. He’s been sharing his love at Shepard Meadows since 2015, when he arrived from Long Island after being rescued there.  If you have the opportunity to work with him, be sure to scratch that special spot just below the withers and watch his expression!

Sponsored By: Maria Pinto & Nichole Higgins



Say “hello” to the most famous member of the herd, “Indy” short for Indiana Jones. He’s a former trotter, and at 16.1 hands, is one we all look up to! A Standardbred, all black, with no markings, except a whorl on his forehead, he’s playful and youthful. He arrived in 2016, and although he’s semi-retired, he primarily works with our adult riders. He likes to think he runs the farm, and perhaps he does, but don’t tell Lola!

Sponsored By: The Robert Rosenheim Foundation



"Georgie Porgie Pudding an Pie", he’s an American Quarter Horse/Draft Cross who joined our team in the fall of 2018, on loan from Oakendale Farm, LLC. He’s a gorgeous dun color with a dorsal stripe and dazzling blaze. It seems everyone within 50 miles knows George. He has taught so many riders as a lesson horse, through pony club rallies, and even show jumping and dressage shows. There isn’t a person anywhere who doesn’t love our big and steady George!

Sponsored By: Maria Pinto, Industrial Strength



Tonka is in fact built like a truck! He’s a Haflinger pony gelding, with palamino coloring and a whorl, star, strip, and snip. Born in 2011, he’s the youngest member of our herd, and we don’t forget it. Tonka is owned by Oakendale Farm, LLC and leased to us. He spent a year at The Ethel Walker Equestrian Program before coming to us in the spring of 2019. He’s a rock-star pony with equally dazzling personality. He’s a favorite of all the young riders (and Kentucky’s BFF too)!

Sponsored By: Amanda Malkowski and Family



His name is Kentucky, but he hails from upstate NY. Also known as “Tucker,” he’s a registered American Quarter Horse who joined the herd in the spring of 2019. He’s incredibly handsome (oh those eyes!) and loves to bring our riders off lead and towards independence.  He has competed in many western horse shows before coming to Shepard Meadows, and was even quite the barrel racer.

Sponsored By: The Farmyard Party 2023!



Elmer is our therapy mule. He was a rescue that came to us in late spring, 2019. He was timid and shy, and still sometimes thinks twice about trusting all of the two-legged friends at the farm, but boy does he love the attention! He greets our volunteers and participants with his tender “whimper” and keeps tabs on all the comings and goings in the barn. The horses joke that he’s their therapy!

Sponsored By: The Ragone Family



Moon is a miniature horse, a dark bay gelding with a “star” and whorl with scattered while hairs on his face.  The star is actually the exact shape of a crescent moon – and thus his name is Moon (or Little Moon). He is 10 years old and like Elmer, he came to us as a rescue. He and Bart seem to have bonded quickly, which is kind of silly since Bart is 16.2 hands and Moon is 39″ – but then again, their private homes are adjacent to one another!

Sponsored By: Amanda and Kevin Hickey

Little Joe ("LJ")


His full name is Colonel Little Jo. He's a Chestnut/Sorrel American Quarter Horse gelding with a blaze and snip and a right hind sock. He arrived in early 2023 as a free-lease. He's 15 hands high and he loves to eat and be groomed (in that order). He's one handsome lovebug of a guy! Come meet him and you'll understand why!

Sponsored By: A Friend



Just My Bill (William) “Billy” arrived in 2023. He is an American Quarter Horse gelding standing 15.1 hands. He is a chestnut paint with a bald face, white chin and 4 stockings. Free leased to us, his Mom is thrilled that he is continuing to work and has a new career. He's a regal guy, perhaps he's got royal ties to Buckingham Palace? Swing by the farm to meet him, he’s super cool!

Sponsored By: Laura and Scott Patrick



Molly is a volunteer and visitor favorite. Did you know that the word caprine means relating to, or resembling the goat species?  Molly has a dedicated volunteer team to groom her, take her for walks and graze around the farm. In 2015, she arrived as a three-year-old along with her friend Mabel, who has since passed. Molly is a Oberhausli Cross in buff. She now has new best friends in Evelyn and Clara.

Sponsored By: The Farmyard Party 2023!



Clara was born in 2021 and came to us from Flamig Farm in West Simsbury in January of 2022.  Clara is 1/2 Pygmy and 1/2 Swiss Alpine.  You can’t miss her (and Molly) with their centrally located own private home and yard!

Sponsored By: The Farmyard Party 2023!

What is needed to feed our herd each year


bales of hay


lbs of hay


bags of grain


lbs of grain

With a "grocery bill" of over $30,000 a year, you can help us feed our herd with a recurring donation that allows us to focus on providing our programs!

















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