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Quarterly Speaker Series

Our free quarterly speaker series, hosted at SMEC, covers a range of diverse topics.  We hope to see you at the next one! 

Upcoming Discussions

Equine-Assisted EMDR Psychotherapy
Aug 17, 10:30 to 11:30 am
SMEC Learning Center

Nicole is a licensed clinical social worker who is also certified in EMDR therapy.  Horses are sentient beings and can be powerful partners in healing.  Nicole will discuss this unique treatment experience.  ​

  • How equines assist with accelerating the healing process using EMDR therapy

  • Fun activity in the classroom learning to enhance positive inner resources, leading to feelings of empowerment


Past Discussions

Addiction & The Healing Power of Animal Connection
Apr 6

Addiction is a widespread issue that touches the lives of so many people in our community. Caitlin Raftis, LADC, will discuss the prevalence of addiction in our community, the many forms that it may take, and the resources available to support yourself or a loved one who may be struggling with their substance use. Connection is widely renowned as the greatest healer of addiction and Caitlin will provide insight into how and why working with horses and animals can be a powerful agent for change.

Introduction to Equine Gestalt Coaching

Jan 6

Presented by center director Dr. Shelly Whitlock-Pope, this talk will introduce Equine Gestalt Coaching™ (EGC) is a humanistic, non-diagnostic, experiential method led by a Certified Equine Gestaltist in partnership with horses. Sessions may be private, or group. Gestalt is based on the belief that individuals have different parts of self and are whole/complete. The work is centered on increasing a person's awareness, freedom, and self-direction while releasing unresolved negative feelings.

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